A little epilogue added to the story of my sons birth…

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a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force.
The last couple of years have been a real rollercoaster for my wife and I to say the least. Beginning with our engagement followed by my MS diagnosis, her father sadly passing away, me graduating from college, her changing jobs, our wedding and now to top it all off the birth of our son. It really has been a juggernaut of emotions.
I never pray but tonight I’m on my knees…
It was the morning of January 6th, the day before our son was born. My wife had been in the maternity hospital for the previous two days. They had kept her in as a precaution and stress levels were at an all time high. I wasn’t allowed stay with her but thankfully we live close to the hospital so I didn’t have far to travel back and forward. We were certain the…

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