A Lockdown Letter from the newest member of the family to her Grandmother

Hello Nana, how are you?
I just thought I’d write to say
Even though we can’t be together
I miss you everyday

My brother’s told me all the things
That you and GranGran do
It all sounds so exciting
I can’t wait to play with you

Daddy says you’re lots of fun
You already have me spoiled
You do so much from far away
I’m a very lucky child

Sorry you can’t hold me
As I get so big and strong
My brother thinks he’s your favourite
But that won’t last for long 😊

Mammy says I’m so cute and cuddly
And I have the most gorgeous smile
My eyes sparkle, my cheeks glow
And I have my own sense of style

I dream of your hugs Nana
They truly will be great
Just hold on a little longer
I’m really worth the wait

With love,

Cara xxx

A Children’s Story: Sally’s Finger

An illustrated version of this story is available here: https://read.bookcreator.com/JXlLF6Z1dKVmjNc7fzBni8Ef3Qq1/gDehwggOSgGFPUgO0Uy7EA

Sally sat inside each day,

She rarely left her room.

She loved to play computer games,

And at night, stare up at the moon.

Even when it was sunny,

Sally didn't leave the house.

She sat up in her bedroom,

As quiet as a mouse.

One day, Sally's Mam knocked on her bedroom door

Telling Sally to “go out and play!".

Sally wagged her finger screaming:

"Close the door, just go away!"

Sally then looked at her finger, 

She had wagged with all her might.

She realised she was angry

And it gave her quite a fright.

Her finger pointed towards the door 

Giving her a terribly sad feeling.

As she sat there on her bedroom floor

She looked up at the ceiling.

"I love to stay indoors", she thought.

"It's safer than outside".

"I can’t know what I’m missing,

If I lock myself in and hide".

Sally wished she was more wild

And wasn’t so afraid to go a little crazy

But all this hiding from the world

Was making her quite lazy

She thought, “Right now I am a child,

And childhood ends so soon,

But wasn’t every astronaut a child

Before they set foot on the moon?”

Sally stuck her head out of her window,

She was feeling awfully furious.

The sights! the sounds!! the smells!!

They began to make her curious.

She looked back at her finger

And began to wonder why

She had pointed it at her mother

And not pointed it to the sky?

She then gazed up at the ceiling

And imagined it disappear.

The sun, the clouds, the sky

Everything became so clear.

Her finger pointed upward,

As high as it could go.

“I must get out of this house!"

"There’s so much I need to know!”.

“I want to breathe fresh air

And feel it in my lungs!"

"I want to climb the trees

And learn about the sun”.

“I want to skip, I want to run,

I want to get excited.

I want to jump in rivers,

And swim around delighted!”

“Most of all I don’t want to

Sit at home and wonder why

I didn’t follow my finger

When I pointed to the sky!

* This is a kids story that I found on my laptop half finished.
I hope you enjoyed it. Still needs some work. It would go well
with some pictures I reckon. I haven't blogged in a long time
and I figured life is so much more than a diagnosis so decided
to use this page as a platform for other things too.