A Lockdown Letter from the newest member of the family to her Grandmother

Hello Nana, how are you?
I just thought I’d write to say
Even though we can’t be together
I miss you everyday

My brother’s told me all the things
That you and GranGran do
It all sounds so exciting
I can’t wait to play with you

Daddy says you’re lots of fun
You already have me spoiled
You do so much from far away
I’m a very lucky child

Sorry you can’t hold me
As I get so big and strong
My brother thinks he’s your favourite
But that won’t last for long 😊

Mammy says I’m so cute and cuddly
And I have the most gorgeous smile
My eyes sparkle, my cheeks glow
And I have my own sense of style

I dream of your hugs Nana
They truly will be great
Just hold on a little longer
I’m really worth the wait

With love,

Cara xxx

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