Face Everything and Rise

I heard an inspirational quote recently that I shared on my Facebook blog page: “FEAR: Forget Everything And Run or FEAR: Face Everything and Rise The choice is yours” November 2017 was a month of firsts for me. I was interviewed for the first time ever about my MS journey so far. The same dayContinue reading “Face Everything and Rise”

Wild is the Wind

I recently signed up for a 10km jog in Dublin city centre on November 22nd. This is the first organised run that I’ve ever signed up for. And it’s given me some well needed motivation. The jog is called Run in the Dark. So that’s exactly what I did this evening – went for aContinue reading “Wild is the Wind”

Phoenix from the Flames

“How we are in the future will be founded on how we behave today” I classify as a newly diagnosed person with MS. That is; I’ve been diagnosed within the last 3 years. Diagnosis for me came within a few months of my MS symptoms making their way to the surface. I’ve heard stories of people havingContinue reading “Phoenix from the Flames”

Contender Ready!

Consistency has never been my strong point. As a matter of fact I couldn’t tell you what my strong points are. Routine has to be the order of the day. But I routinely fall out of routine. Once out, I claw myself back into a routine until I fall back out of it again. MyContinue reading “Contender Ready!”