Keifib Lassos a Coddle

Unlike my other blogs this is not MS related – I just think it’s nice. After all, it is Christmas 😊 Myself & Michelle were at a wedding a couple of weeks back. My friends Amy & Richie were getting married and we had a great day 😊 Amy’s sister, Laura, works on the same team asContinue reading “Keifib Lassos a Coddle”

MRI Boogie

So here it is, Merry Christmas! I hope you’re all having fun. It’s a crazy time of the year all the same. I hadn’t thought much about Christmas at all and then boom!! it’s just hit me with a bang – well it’s hit my credit card really. I suppose that’s what this time ofContinue reading “MRI Boogie”

Hello Sunshine

This blog was originally written in December 2015. I have since updated so it’s a more current reflection on my MS journey.