Here’s to the future 

Happy New Year and All the best for 2017! 

Here’s to the future it’s only just begun 👶🏻

Blog Update

Hi All,

I’ve set up a Facebook page to start sharing my blog on if you can give it a like or a share. The link is:

I don’t have as much time to do long blogs these days so will use the FB site to share random things that come to mind. I’m only getting started so feel free to pop in and leave a comment 🙂

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Hello Sunshine

This blog was originally written in December 2015. I have since updated so it’s a more current reflection on my MS journey.

Keith's Blog Cabin

“Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire couldn’t conquer the blue sky”

Lady’s and gentlemen of the class of whatever year you’re reading this in….

It’s December already, it’s getting pretty bitter out, most days are overcast at best. Winter is here and sunlight is more and more scarce. Vitamin D cannot be directly received from sunshine at this time of the year. This is a concern for me. There is a definite correlation between lack of sunlight and MS. It is much more common in colder climates with little sunlight. This time last year is when my symptoms started to really show. And because I’m in my final year of college until May, finding time to take advantage of the rare sunshine is even tougher. Exercise is a good substitute but I’m finding less time to do that too. Working full-time and studying part-time is proving tough especially at this time of year.

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Up the hill for Jack and Jill

Hi All,

Haven’t blogged in a few months. The small matters of finishing college, getting married and making a baby to contend with 🙂

I’ve decided to do a bit of non-MS related fundraising and will be doing a 16km walk from my house up to the Summit in Howth in aid of the Jack and Jill foundation which is a charity for very sick young children.

If you have enjoyed my blog and want me to blog more frequently please donate via the link below 🙂 If you don’t donate I’ll get the hint… 😛

Keifib goes Up The Hill for Jack and Jill

In all seriousness, no donation is too small and all support is welcome (plus it’s encouraging me to keep active thereby staying healthy so has to be a good thing right!?!). I have a few people joining me along the way so hopefully it will be a bit of fun too. I’m also cultivating a bit of a red beard at the moment so I’ll probably look like an Irish Forrest Gump!

Here’s the route for anyone else who wants to join. Leaving my house at 8am on Saturday morning and will be sure to pick up a few stragglers along the way.

Route Up the Hill



PS: We donated to MS Ireland at the wedding in lieu of favours so I haven’t completely forgot about MS 🙂